June 18th, 2012 at 4:14 pm

Wireless Dog Fence An Escape Proof Solution for Every Dog Owner

The Petsafe wireless containment system is a great cutting edge invention, which uses advanced technology to offer the perfect solution for keeping dogs happy and roaming freely around your yard. This is one of the most trusted solutions used by dog owners to contain their pets. Being affordable and easy to install, the wireless dog fence makes it more viable for pet owners, all they have to do is plug the transmitter into an outlet inside the house and away from moisture and cold. The transmitter should also be kept in an alleviated position, approximately, 2-4 feet above the ground.

The other items which come with this wireless dog fence are receiver collar, test tool, dog collar battery, 50 flags and a manual with instructions to train the dog. Training your dog is very necessary when using the wireless dog fence. The flags provided with this system have to be placed all around the required containment area during the training session. It can be removed after a few weeks after the training session. The instant fencing system from Petsafe uses a constant signal from the transmitter to monitor the dog through the receiver collar worn by it.

The moment your pet moves near the boundary, the collar will give off a small beep, which is then followed by a static energy in the form of a mild shock. This is not harmful in any way and it stops the dog in its track. The portability of the Petsafe wireless fence is an added advantage for dog owners, for it is easy to take your pet everywhere you go. The safe containment area you wish to create for your dog through this system can be within a radius of few feet or 90 feet which is the maximum through this system. This is an adjustable feature which can be done by done by tuning the knob on the transmitter of the wireless dog fence.


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